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0 Responses to “11 March 2019 – Weekly Technical Analysis”

  1. Casper Pagh Larsen

    Casper Pagh Larsen

    Hey – so im sort of at a loss here.

    Of my understanding, you basicly(mainly?) use the daily chart to trade when it enters a area of high activity, to try and find an entry on a lower timeframe with the aim of cascading into the higher timeframes. Atleast thats how i’ve understood it. But during ur USDCAD analysis, you argue that you cant enter in the middle of the wave due to lack of SL placement on the daily. Is the point not in general to use the lower timeframe and base ur SL on the structure there, or am i tunnelvisioning to much? I hope you get my question lol

    • admin


      Yes the idea would be to find an entry on the lower time frames. If there are no significant levels around the price on the daily chart, it means it’s in the grey area. We have no real control over the situation. Therefore, the daily chart isn’t much help to the overall trade and would not feature as part of the ‘story’ I’m building for entering a trade. Since the price could still fluctuate around a lot on that time frame, as it is in the middle of the wave. It doesn’t add to our conviction over the trade direction.

  2. Sean Morris
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